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Plan: Next 3 Updates!

Hey guys, this will be your reference point if you're ever curious about what's coming next to PZ! So here we go, first off;

Mistery Update! *Revealed!* Enjoy Partner Pokemons!! - Ken has something very special planned for you guys, I can't give you too much info on it but just know it'll make all your trial and errors, life endeavors and overall gameplay a lot easier. Expect it soon, as he's almost done with it (as I'm writing this).

Alchemy/Crafting & Equipment - Soon to follow will be our crafting interface, which will allow you to compound drops found in the wild, such as teeth, nails, leather, etc. into fancy garment for your Pokemons! and with that, scrolls to enhance their stats! It'll be a rich update that'll give life to the game again and increase a lot of hardcore players play time in game.

Mega Pokémon! - Not much to explain here, just know that PZ will implement Mega Pokemons for everyone, the stats will be custom made, and only a few will gain an icon change - but overall we'll try to balance this to the best of our potential.

- From here on out, it'll mostly be new maps, new quests, & new bosses - up until the Dream World chapter, which will conclude the story line with a double final boss fight, and unlock dream world abilities, if you choose to change them around.

We're going to follow up our surprise update with another surprise update!
edit: enjoy IVs & EVs (aka EPs)
ken dsnt luv me

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